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Definitely one of the most productive recreational angling spots on the KZN  North coast, whether it be shore or deep sea, bony or flatfish, resident or migrating fish, heavy or light tackle, bait feeders or game fish, Tugela is your spot. At least 60 species are landed every year by anglers, ranging from the more abundant species like Kob, Shad and Grunter to rare species such as Emperor Snapper, Job fish and Prodigal Son.The20km stretch of coastline between the Tugela and Amatikulu rivers has a unique combination of features attracting numerous marine species to the area.

Remoteness - Tugela is a small village which has escaped the attention of developers, giving you unspoilt nature in the true sense of the word.

The mouth of the "Mighty Tugela", historically one of the biggest rivers in South Africa, is both breeding ground and nursery for "Baitfish" and hunting ground for game fish.

Flat sandy beaches and rocky outcrops, attracts crustacean feeders, most species of which prefers murky waters around river mouths.

Wall to wall reefs, stretching from backline (6m) to mud banks (45km).
Annual migration of Sardine, Mulletsand, Razor belly species attracting a host of game fish from the open sea.
Deep Sea Angling is above average throughout the year. The abundance of reef, yields good catches such as Rock Cod, Reds, Lantern fish, and "Mof" Grunters. Game fish, including "Cuda", Dorado, King and Queen fish, and even sailfish are caught regularly. Shad can be caught throughout the year, and swimming one is almost guaranteed to produce a tackle buster. Bring your own boat or charter ours - you will not be disappointed.

Shore Angling also produces above average results throughout the year. While different species are more abundant at different times you can expect results throughout the year. This is why Tugela is a popular venue for club competitions, attracting clubs from far and wide. Your options are varied, ranging from light tackle in the river mouth to doing battle with a tackle buster who had picked up your live bait in the surf. Night fishing is very popular since it produces bigger fish.

Fly fishing is also gaining momentum in this area.
And then there is the Lobotes. Although the occasional individual is caught in the shallow estuarine waters of our coast, Tugela is the only place in South Africa where this magnificent fish is caught regularly. Our park, ski boat club and the main street of out village was named after this awesome fish.
Fishing Calendar
All year - Resident fish such as Rockcod, Lantern fish and Reds can be caught. Salmon (collective name for various Kob species) are also abundant throughout the year.
Winter - The annual migration of pelagic fish (Sardine, Razorbelly and Mullet) and game fish makes winter our peak fishing season. It is peak season for Shad, Kob, Garrick and other species usually associated with colder waters (even Cape fish like Yellowtail and Geelbek).
Spring - Shad and Garrick in abundance. You can also cash in on the yearly migration of Grunter. The river mouth becomes particularly productive for smaller species of Kob, Stump nose, Perch and Kingfish, but many outsize "Daga Salmon" landed on live bait.
Summer - Tugela becomes the playground for sharks and game fish. King and Queen Mackerel, Wahoo, Bonito, Tunny and Dorado.
Autumn - February to May is Lobotes time for the shore angler and "Cuta" time for the deep sea angler. This is also a productive time for Shad, Salmon and Rock Cod.
Lobotes Charter - Tugela Mouth – North Bank 
24ft Ski Boat

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-  Freezing facilities is available.
* Please ensure that everybody is in possession of a valid fishing licence * 

" We wish you happy fishing and remember “limit your catch, don’t catch your limit"


Having escaped the attention of commercial developments ,Tugela offers you many facets of unspoilt nature. Driven by an amazingly healthy eco-system, the area is home to a variety of fish, birds and wild life.

·                     Sea turtles can be seen entering the river from November to March.
·                     Watch huge sharks entering the river mouth to get rid of parasites during the summer months
·                     Whales and dolphins can be spotted further out at sea
·                     Bird watching - 156 Species of birds have been spotted, including the very rare Franklin Seagull.

If you wish to engage nature physically, Tugela offers many opportunities.
·                     Paddle down the river in your canoe and witness wildlife in its natural state
·                     Deep sea fishing charters can be arranged at reasonable rates
·                     Surf Angling - see our page on fishing.

If you feel the urge to shop this is what you can look forward to
·                     We have a shop on site catering to your basic needs
·                     Mandeni - Only 10min away, it has supermarkets and many other interesting shops.
·                     Ballito – 30min away for greater shopping needs.
·                     King Shake International Airport - A 45min drive.
·                     Richards Bay – an hour’s drive North

To add a variety to your holiday, Tugela and the surrounding areas also offers you many places of interest.
·                     Historical battle sites such as Fort Pearson, the Ultimatum Tree, and many others, bear witness of the Zulu wars that raged in this area during the 19th century.
·                     Tee off at any golf course in the vicinity - including Zimbali, Princess Grant, Darnall and Mandeni.
·                     Zinkwasi’s swimming beach.
·                     Eshowe forest canopy walk just 50km inland.


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